For over

20 years

we have been creating software

e-lan company

Who are we?

We are a team united by a fascination with programming and a passion for modern technologies. We have been in operation since 2000, and through the successful completion of hundreds of projects, we have gained valuable experience. This enables us to extend our services into new areas of the B2B market.

What can we do?

Our skills are the result of blending our academic expertise with years of practical experience acquired through the execution of innovative and challenging projects, all aimed at the primary objective of enhancing our clients' business profitability.

In 2013, we established an independent company called, stemming from our internal R&D department. Its main focus is the development and production of various products, including controllers and specialized software solutions for embeded devices.

For over
20 yrs
we have been providing software

Our mission

Our mission is formulated in the following statement:

   We empower people to build the new modern world of their dreams.   

We accomplish this mission through:

Software development services

Creating custom computer software in a wide range of technologies (web applications, desktop applications, server software - operating system services, applications for mobile devices and others).

Our products

Offering our own Off-the-shelf applications and SAAS services.

IT support

Implementation, service and consulting support in the field of IT services.

We invite you to cooperate with us!

What are the areas of our services?

In delivering our programming services, we remain mindful of the fact that the demand from our clients is continuously on the rise. As part of our services, we offer, among other things:

icon Hardware Solutions Consulting

Hardware Solutions Consulting

icon Business Consulting

Business Consulting

icon Data backup

Data backup

icon Programmer outsourcing

Programming services

icon Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

icon Hosting


icon Dedicated database systems

Dedicated database systems

icon Dedicated CRM systems

Dedicated CRM systems

icon Web Applications

Web Applications

icon Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

icon Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications

we use in our work

In selecting a programming platform, we prioritize a thorough analysis of your requirements and also consider the potential for project expansion.

ikonka PHP
ikonka .Net Framework
.Net Framework
ikonka C++
ikonka ASP.NET
ikonka Delphi
ikonka PostgreSQL
ikonka Skrypty powłoki
Skrypty powłoki
ikonka MSSQL
ikonka MySQL
ikonka HTML5
ikonka CSS3
ikonka JS
ikonka TypeScript
ikonka Angular
ikonka jQuery
ikonka Bootstrap
ikonka Vue.js
ikonka GIT
ikonka SVN
ikonka Visual Studio
Visual Studio
ikonka Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code
ikonka SQL Server Management Studio
SQL Server Management Studio
ikonka phpMyAdmin
ikonka NetBeans
ikonka npm
ikonka Unity

For industry

While working within long-term agreements with companies such as:

we have gained experience in the following areas:

  • real-time monitoring of production quality and risk
  • measurement and analysis of energy, water consumption, fluid levels, and more
  • streamlining the work of both frontline workers and management, improving employee training at workstations, and creating customized IT solutions
  • implementation of on-site solutions within the production environment

Following the establishment of as a distinct company from our internal R&D department, we offer established and trusted solutions in control, assurance, visualization, measurements, and production process management.

Our solutions are applicable to a wide range of scenarios, from advanced manufacturing processes to smaller-scale projects. Our flexibility and tailored approach allow us to implement automation and management systems for production facilities, power structures, as well as integrated systems for smart buildings.

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Example portfolio projects

You are welcome to contact us:

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